LSD feature documentary


Happy to announce that I am about to start a new, non-broadcast film for Passion Pictures. Produced by John Battsek (Searching For Sugar Man, The Imposter, Restrepo, One Day In September) and directed by Cosmo Feilding Mellen this will be the colourful story of two talented chemists who tuned in to the counter-culture of the ‘70s, mass-producing LSD in their fight against The Man. Filming starts soon in one of my favourite cities: San Francisco

Jake was sent to watch Olivia. Now, Jake let his emotions and his feelings for her get in the way of his job to a point; although, he never stopped watching her and never stopped looking out for her, but he also didn’t know the president was in a relationship with her. So there was no betrayal. There was no direct betrayal of Fitz with his relationship. If there was EVER a betrayal, it was when Fitz asked if there was another man. Jake, I think as most men would, said there wasn’t — instead of saying, ‘Yeah, dude, I’m now sleeping with your ex-girlfriend because I didn’t know she was your ex-girlfriend because you didn’t f—ing tell me she was your ex-girlfriend when we started this thing.’ That’s in defense of Jake. Jake’s always been a man who had a task to do and that’s all he’s always done. And can you blame him? Olivia’s a strong, powerful, beautiful, intelligent woman. I think any man would fall for her, and if she seems to be available and free and is reciprocating those feelings? That’s my Jake defense.